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We are committed to delivering ahead of schedule and beyond expectations. There is great joy in unveiling such work as it progresses, and seeing it in action. If your message does its job, we've done ours. Together, we will build a portfolio of action that meets your mission and ours.

In a nutshell, this is the work we want to do for you.

Meet some current partners.

Friends of Fakahatchee

The Friends of Fakahatchee are dedicated to creating financial and volunteer support to preserve the unique ecology and cultural heritage of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and educate the public about its importance. We are entranced by the scope and beauty of their efforts.

Everglades Coalition

More than 50 national, state, and local conservation and environmental groups form the Everglades Coalition. Our task was to update their website's appearance to better reflect their mission: protecting the treasure that is The Everglades.

Green Horizon

Green Horizon Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the open space of Central Florida. Our partnership with Green Horizon Land Trust began with a redesign of their existing website, including dynamic maps of key properties and integration of a content management system.

Everglades Law Center

The Everglades Law Center is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to representing the public interest in environmental and land use matters in South Florida. They engaged us to update their website to improve access to resource documents as well as social media channels.

Florida Wildlife Corridor

In 2013, Next Steps was pleased to assume responsibility for maintaining the Florida Wildlife Corridor website. In 2014, we redesigned its look and continue to improve its functionality, especially on mobile devices.

Friends of Lovers Key State Park

We've become good friends with the FOLKS who work together to enhance the outdoor experience of those visiting Lovers Key State Park near Ft. Myers Florida. When we took on web work for this group, we introduced a very user friendly content management system. The design had to communicate the beauty, colors and spirit of the place.

Conservation Trust for Florida

In 2012, Next Steps partnered with the Conservation Trust for Florida, a landtrust striving to keep open spaces open and to fill the gaps in greenways. We have been updating and maintaining the existing website to make the content easier to access. We will soon release a redesign with a more modern, more accessible look.

Legacy Institute for Nature and Culture

The Legacy Institute for Nature and Culture was a non-profit organization employing art to tell the story of conservation in Florida. Next Steps worked closely with LINC to transform their web presence. LINC has now changed its identity to support the work of the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

Florida Conservation Coaltion

When we were asked to select and set up a forum for the Florida Conservation Coalition it was a labor of love. Next Steps dressed up and configured a GroupSpaces site for the group, incorporating a montage of images provided by LINC affiliates. The Coalition's forum allows those in the know in Tallahassee to send calls for action to members across the state.

Know Your Peace

The PARK initiative is a youth guided campaign designed to increase peace and respect among young people in their schools and community. Through a grant to Sunrise of Pasco, Inc., we developed a suite of print products and an interactive website that will allow youth to post multimedia projects.

Florida Wildflower Foundation

The Florida Wildflower Foundation was created to enrich lives with Florida native wildflowers. They accomplish this mission through a program of research, education and demonstration, with the work of the Foundation supported through sale of the Florida state wildflower license plate. This website redesign aligned the Foundation's web presence with their programs; it will be redesigned again in 2015.

Florida Wildflowers Growers Cooperative

Florida Wildflowers Growers Cooperative is a group of Florida wildflower producers working to develop strategies to increase Florida's native plant acreage and seed production. This on-line seed store brings native seeds to the general public and supports growth of the Cooperative.

Hillsborough River State Park Preservation Society

Hillsborough River State Park Preservation Society exists to enhance and perpetuate the Hillsborough River State Park and the Fort Foster State Historic Site. As with all Florida State Park Community Support Organizations (CSOs), their job is to find ways to supplement inadequate state funding to preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Richard's Run for Life

Richard's Run for Life is an initiative by the Columbia Restaurant's Gonzmart Family Foundation which sponsors community events to raise funds for currently undersupported areas of cancer research. For these events, 100% of proceeds go to research; the Foundation covers the overhead. This web site was designed to serve as a portal and community builder for race participants and the Tampa Bay area at large.

Sandhill Native Growers

Sandhill Native Growers and Environmental Services grows high-quality native plant materials for restoration projects throughout Florida. The expert services they provide, from contract growing to installation and maintenance, allow ecosystem restoration projects to take root and thrive. Next Steps is pleased to help them get the word out!

The Gulf Coast Conservancy

The Gulf Coast Conservancy, Aripeka, Florida, promotes acquisition of public lands for conservation. They have successfully added to coastal conservation lands, and have sights on maintaining a wildlife corridor free from development on the Nature Coast. Leadership from the Conservancy have been instrumental in raising public awareness of the plight of the Florida black bear.

Dirty Dog Pottery

Dirty Dog Pottery creates functional art. All work from this studio communicates a study of nature, and its relationship with art and human activities. Dirty Dog Pottery offers classes, studio time, as well as retail and wholesale purchases.

Services Directory

  • Web

    Your website is a powerful communications toolkit. Our experienced team can help stock it with the tools you need to meet your goals.

    • Design or Redesign
    • Domain Registration
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Configuration
    • Collateral Products
    • Membership Management
    • Multi-media Galleries
    • On-going Updates and Maintenance
    • Content Management Systems
    • e-Commerce
  • Words

    Writing can be hard and takes time. We have the expertise to chose words that ensure your audience gets the message you intend. From technical to whimsy we can transform information into understanding.

    • Print Materials
    • Information Products
    • Technical Writing
    • Media Releases
    • Support Materials
    • Feature Articles, Issue Papers, Briefs
    • Newsletters
    • Blog Creation and Support
  • Design

    Our creative team can design any and all products to meet your needs, crisply and clearly, with fun and efficiency. We have fun doing our job and want you to be a part of the creative process.

    • Logos
    • Graphics and Identity Elements
    • Typography
    • Stationery Packages
    • Promotionals
  • Plans

    Practical communication plans lead to implementation and outcomes. Let us help you plan your future moves and measure your success.

    • Communications Plans
    • Social Marketing and Media
    • Public Information Campaigns
    • Grant Development
    • Education Program Development
    • Visioning and Strategic Planning
    • Event Marketing Planning

Here is a simple list of everything we do! Have any questions? Contact Us!

Update Your Web site

Collectively, we have decades of experience in everything web, from graphic design to programming. We are committed to building sites that are visually unique, cleanly coded to current standards, and supremely navigable. We are information architects, and we'd like to help you frame your message and build your web presence.

We are also exploring the power of social media, that is, user-generated content, including blogs, feeds, tags and such. We'd be pleased to have you join us on this journey, and extend the reach of your message.

Next steps: If you can dream it, we will get it done. Think about what you want visitors to accomplish at your site, and the impression they come away with. Then let's discuss your timelines and budget; we will propose a plan that makes the best of both.

Typical products: Refurbished and updated web sites, re-coded to standards, web design from scratch, with a new or established identity. Additional features, including forums, blogs. calendars, photo galleries, data driven content and shopping carts. Regular updates to keep your site up-to-date. Preparation of web publications, training products, and e-news.

Create Your Identity

You stand for something. Let us help link your message with your image. The Collective's Associates include designers and artists; several have extensive experience creating a "look and feel" for research initiatives, public information campaigns and non-profit associations. Whether you need a logo, a flag, a brochure or a whole suite of identity products, we will bring the creativity of the Collective to bear on your project.

Experience tells us that you will enjoy the process, and be pleased by what emerges. We think it will be the start of a long-term relationship, as your success brings more opportunities to wave your banner high.

Typical products: Logos, graphic elements, typography, blended together to provide identity for your project, organization, campaign or company. The resulting design can be utilized on any number of materials, limited only by our creativity. Start with letterhead, business cards, post cards, presentation templates, and take it from there.

Next steps: Talk to us about what your identity materials should say about your activities, and let us know what the initial products will be.

Advertise Your Existence

We are skilled at getting the word out. We know what works in today's world, and this changes by the minute. We pay attention to trends and advise accordingly. We help find the most direct path between your message and those who need to know it.

Sometimes this means print advertising, mailings, or news articles. Sometimes it is radio spots, e-newsletters or web posting, We can take care of this for you, whether for a single campaign, or for the long run.

Typical products: Publication announcements, advocacy alerts, organizational or issue-related ad design, press releases, feature stories, blogs.

Next steps: Tell us about your organization and its objectives. Who would you like to embrace them? Once we identify the help you'd like, we will agree on a timeline and pricing.

Publishing Your Knowledge

We know much about the design and production of publications that bring research to practice. We believe that best practice in any field should be empirically based, standing firmly on a foundation of the best available scientific information. This is especially true for advocacy work.

What the Collective does best is transform technical information through the magic of information architecture. Such projects call for great teams, often including writers, photographers, illustrators, and publication designers. End products will be engaging in appearance, digestible and effective in reaching their goals.

Typical products: Policy or issue briefs, technical reports, small books and monographs, scientific posters, public information materials (e.g., newsletters, brochures, resource publications). We can build your computer-generated presentations, as well. And the good news is that all of these products can be re-configured for electronic distribution through e-mail, web display and pdf libraries.

Next steps: We talk about your project, determine the nature of the collaboration, and build the right team. We agree on a timeline and pricing. And we get to work.

Announce Your Event

We know much about events. Events of any size are time consuming, detail-rich and nerve wracking endeavors. But they are also powerful venues for collaboration. In this electronic age, conferences and meetings provide rare opportunities to speak to partners in person.

We will handle whatever slice of the event marketing pie you are comfortable with, from design of the conference image and printed materials to notifying your intended audience through e-mail and web calendars.

Typical products: Consultation, conference identity design, registration announcements and agenda production, marketing products for print and web. We do not currently offer on-site registration support services.

Next steps: If you are thinking about hosting an event, please contact us early, and we can help you develop your marketing calendar. If you are repeating a past event, let's talk about which services you'd like us to handle, and nail down due dates. In event management, timing is essential.

Plan Your Future

Our name, Next Steps, reflects one of our key talents: planning. If you would like consultation on how to implement your communications plan, information campaign, or establish your identity, we offer this service. We can do this through a focus group process, visioning activities, or just a sit down with the board. It is your call.

Next steps: You know what you'd like to accomplish, and the challenges to getting there. Discuss the scope of your goals with us, and we can agree on the best format for planning activities. We'll do our homework. We'll learn from you about you. We'll make a plan that fits.