We take 2 @ a time

Our Vision

A healthy planet with happy people. Yes, really. We want to help as many people as possible take the next steps toward this goal.

Look closely at the Collective and you will find an extensive volunteer record; individuals dedicating many hours—often nights and weekends—to protect children or wildlife or wild lands or communities or seek justice for the disadvantaged. We are in the protection business, and in the collaboration business.

Whether you're organizing for better policy, out in the field managing natural resources, teaching, nurturing, or picking up the trash, we know why you're doing it, and know you could use more help. Some of you have created businesses committed to providing products or services that help us all take the next steps to our vision. We’re there for you too.

But why pay for something your staff or talented volunteers can do?

You wouldn’t without a good reason. We believe that there are two main good reasons.

  1. To get it done without exhaustion.
  2. To buy expertise needed to create effective, engaging information products that do the job.

Even the most skilled and productive volunteers and staff are often over committed, and complex communications projects can devolve from exciting great ideas to a set of undoable tasks. We know; we’ve all been there.


The Magic of Collaboration

The vision of the Collective is to join our experience and passion with that of those working for the greater good, project by project. We will fill the gaps, and amplify the voice.

We’ve seen great human magic occur when talented, skilled, creative, impassioned people come together to work on something they believe in. In our case, the Collective has formed a Florida-based network of friends with special skills and a certain synergy. Although we form different configurations for each project, each team has "pride in the work" in common. Shirley's photography website is worth a visit. Rosalind, expert editor, can illustrate what she means. The Florida Native Plant Society is a non-profit scientific and educational organization. We are committed to teams that amplify each member’s talents and contributions.

We will have fun and get it done, and the world will be a better place for it. This is our vision, and our promise.


You can find the Next Steps Collective, LLC headquarters north of Dade City and east of Brookville. Although the Collective’s Associates live throughout the state, the heart is where the Brooksville Ridge meets the Green Swamp.

On the outskirts of the Tampa-Saint Petersburg metro area, the headquarters team has the best of both worlds — urban and natural, new world and ancient. Although we have to work indoors, just outside is a rich mosaic of opportunity to jump right into the "real Florida." We're close neighbors to the Florida National Scenic Trail, Croom and Richloam Tracts of the Withlacoochee State Forest, and the banks of the Withlacoochee River. And the charm of our small towns persists, along with glimpses of Florida's cultural heritage.